You Have More Time Than You Think to Workout

You just have to look a bit harder

Traveling and working out usually don’t mix well.

While it’s great to see family and friends, it’s oftentimes difficult to find time to workout. Between dinners, grabbing coffee, and catching up with old friends, working out typically gets put on the back burner.

After all, the reason for traveling in the first place is to see family — shouldn’t that be the #1 priority?

Spending time with family and friends should be priority #1, but sacrificing your health and fitness doesn’t need to be a part of it. All it takes is a well-trained eye, and a bit of grit, to find time to work out while traveling.

How to Find the Time

About a month ago I got the news that my grandmother was not doing well. She was 90 years old and as my Dad put it, “nearing the end.” I decided to work remotely from my parent’s house for a few weeks to spend time with my family before my grandmother passed.

This news came at a difficult time for me, personally and training-wise. There’s never a good time to get this type of news. But, to add to it, I had just started training for an IRONMAN 70.3, and I wanted to make sure I could continue to train while I was home for a couple of weeks. I was in the best shape of my life and wanted to keep it that way.

Although not my #1 priority, my goal was to minimize the amount of training interruption while I was home. I wanted to ensure I was following my training plan, while still spending as much time with my family and friends as possible.

While not always ideal, I did the best I could given the situation. I struggled at first but quickly learned that I’d need to fit it in my training anywhere (and everywhere) I could.

I started getting up at 6 am to run or bike before I had work. I squeezed in training sessions during my lunch break. I swam in a friend’s small backyard pool doing countless laps. And I even crashed my buddies’ country club pool when I could get access.

I did anything and everything I could to continue training.

While the conditions weren’t always optimal, I always did something. If I couldn’t swim, I would run. If I couldn’t run, I would bike. And if the weather wasn’t cooperating, I would stretch and work on mobility.

“I don’t have time” is just an excuse. You do have time, you just have to look harder. While it may not always be convenient, comfortable, or optimal, if it’s a priority in your life, there’s always time to train.

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