001: About the Blog

About the Blog

Created as a way to inspire people to do more than they thought possible, The Extraordinary Blog documents the tools, tactics & strategies used in pursuit of becoming a better human being. It's about getting good at the little things, the stuff most people don't want to do. The ordinary stuff.  In an effort to achieve the big stuff. The extraordinary.

About Me

After 4+ years of religious weightlifting, I was diagnosed with nerve damage, which forced me to find another outlet. Never considering myself a strong runner, ​I set my sights on a marathon. I didn't use any fancy training plans or online coaching. I simply focused on what I knew: becoming extraordinary at the ordinary. I just tried to do all the small things right and not skip any days. Since then, I've run two half marathons and two full marathons. I'm now training for an IRONMAN triathlon.

While I am by no means an ultra-accomplished athlete, I love the pursuit of extraordinary fitness accolades. I truly believe that the ability to be extraordinary at the ordinary will help me achieve them. So, this blog is the documentation of my pursuit of becoming a better human being by focusing on the little things in life.

I'm an athlete, writer, and personal growth addict. And I'm constantly on the hunt for creative ways to grow as a human being.

The Goal

Ultimately the goal is to become a better human being. I spend a lot of time thinking about ways to get better. Whether it’s sharpening up my morning routine, practicing daily gratitude, or simply challenging myself with a new fitness goal — I’m constantly searching for ways to grow as a human being.

The Extraordinary Blog aims to document my pursuit of becoming a better human being and all the tools, tactics, and strategies used along the way.

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