003: Simple Math Equation That Will Help You Reach the Next Level

1 > 0 applies to everything

One is better than zero.

I can still hear Gary Vee’s voice echoing through my head. The man is a genius. In addition to a great business-man, he’s also a realist. He really understands what makes people tick, and more importantly, how to move the ball forward.

“One is better than zero” simply means that doing something is always better than doing nothing.

1 > 0 applies to everything. Writing on Medium. Building a business. Getting in better shape. In the beginning, everything is going to be difficult. Focusing on doing something instead of nothing will help build momentum.

Six views on a post is better than not posting at all. Running one mile is better than zero. Making one sales call is better than not even picking up the phone.

Everyone wants to be the biggest in the world. Lebron James. Elon Musk. Gary Vee. But in reality, it takes a lot of little steps to get there. It doesn’t happen overnight. It happens as a result of thousands of small steps. Sometimes so small that no one even notices.

Doing the small things is a process of the work that’s needed to become bigger. To do the big things.

While we’re still on our way to the top, we have to be willing to put in the work. We have to accept that something is always better than nothing. That one view on a post is better than zero. That running for ten minutes is better than not running at all. It’s all about consistent action.

One is better than zero: 1 > 0

This mentality is ultimately what builds momentum. Start small. Find your groove. Get comfortable with the work. Stack up enough little wins and eventually the big ones will come.

We have to embrace the work. The process is a part of the game. If we continue to value something over nothing, we’ll find the confidence to keep going and ultimately reach that level of success, fame, fitness, or happiness we desire.

So remember this: 1 > 0

Here’s a cool short video (2 mins) Gary made about the ideology that he still follows to this day:

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