How to Boost Your Energy When the Tank is Empty

A proven strategy to keep running when your legs are begging you to stop

“Hey, how’s it going?”
“Morning, how are ya?”

As I make my way around the paved 6-mile path of the local reservoir, it seems like every 5 seconds I pass by another human being.

The path is far from empty, which is great news considering I’m quickly running out of energy. As each person passes by I make sure to smile or give a brief “hello”.

Little do my fellow runners and walkers know, my politeness isn’t 100% genuine.

Let me explain…

While it’s certainly polite to acknowledge people as I run by, my reason for waving is mostly selfish.

Each “hello” or brief wave is an opportunity to boost my energy and bring some zest back into my legs.

You see, I’m actually an introvert. I prefer keeping to myself and doing my own thing. But, when I run, I become a completely different person.

When I run, everyone I pass is at risk of getting a wave or “How ya doing?” from me. When I run, I become the most social person in the world.

While it certainly feels great to break out of my shell, I use these brief yet powerful interactions with other people to bring energy back to me as I run.

When I’m nearing the end of a brutal run, and my energy is running low, I can always count on a brief smile and wave to a fellow human being to keep me going.

As human beings, we have an inherent need for social connection. We are social beings at our core. However, when we run, we are generally suffering alone, with just our thoughts.

As mile after mile piles up, this lack of social connection weighs on you in the form of fatigue and energy withdrawal.

However, with every “hello” or “how ya doing?” I’m able to achieve a brief jolt of energy that fuels me to keep going. It’s this brief social interaction that breaks the mental barrier and helps me continue on.

So, next time your feeling fatigued, and not sure if you can continue on, try acknowledging your fellow human beings. You’ll be surprised just how much energy you can get from a brief “Hello” or “Good morning.”

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