How to Benefit From Meditation Even If You Don’t Have the Time

We live in a world where two-day shipping doesn’t seem that fast anymore. A world where we can send a message to the other side of the planet instantaneously. A world predicated on speed and efficiency.

Our world is constantly moving. It’s fast-paced and it can sometimes be challenging to take a minute to enjoy it. Meditation is a great way to do just that — to chill out and enjoy the moment. To temporarily escape thoughts of the office, logistics of picking the kids up, or planning what’s for dinner. To just enjoy doing nothing for a change.

Meditation is the practice of focusing the mind on an object, thought or activity to achieve a calm, clear emotional state.

If done regularly, meditation can be life-changing. According to The Mayo Clinic, meditation has been proven to reduce stress, improve mood and creativity, and even help fight anxiety and depression. Needless to say — it’s an extremely powerful tool that we could all benefit from.

That said, it’s tough to set aside time specifically for meditation. We’re busy people with busy lives. Where are we going to find the time to meditate on top of it all?

Looking holistically, mediation really is just an opportunity to be mindful of the present moment. You don’t need to set aside meditation time to do that.

Stop Meditating & Do This Instead

Mindfulness is a form of meditation in which we practice being fully present and aware of where we are and what we’re doing.

The sights. The sounds. The smells. The experience. All of it.

The best part is, you don’t have to set aside a specific time to practice mindfulness. The beauty of life is that it’s already built into your day. From morning to night, there are numerous opportunities to be mindful. All it takes is little attention to detail.

You can practice mindfulness when you’re washing dishes, folding the laundry, or even just taking a walk. Any type of task where your mind usually wanders outside of what you’re actually doing. Instead, try being fully present and aware of that moment.

Completely focus on the task at hand. Concentrate on every stroke of the sponge, every fold of the tee-shirt, or every time you step left in front of right.

The closer you look at your life, the more mindfulness opportunities you’ll discover. They’re everywhere. From brushing your teeth to walking the dog, to cutting the grass.

By intentionally applying laser-like focus to the task at hand, you’re practicing mindfulness. And more importantly, that brief escape from the constant stream of thoughts will leave you with less stress and a better quality of life.

So the next time you’re washing the dishes, give it a try.

Be completely present and aware of what you’re doing. Try to make each new dish even cleaner than the one before. Apply absolute concentration. Become aware of the warm water running over your hands. Notice the sound of the sponge scrubbing the baked-on food. Smell the soap as it cleans the dishes.

Really soak in the experience. Become completely immersed in the task at hand. The next thing you know, you’ll have forgotten about that stressful project at work or that overdue utility bill. And you’ll be feeling more calm, relaxed, and happier as a result.

What’s the worst that could happen? A couple of sparkling clean dishes?

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