002: The Most Effective Therapist Money Can't Buy

My life isn’t perfect

I don’t love my job. I’m still in search of that ‘tribe’ of great friends. And I continue to search for the fulfillment I’m hopelessly yearning for. Sometimes I feel like I’m walking aimlessly trying to identify where I really belong in life.

I’m still just trying to find my way. With pressures from work, family, and friends, it constantly feels like there’s a weight on my shoulders to figure it all out. Yet I continue to be left clueless.

But when I run, all of that melts away. No more stress. No more pressure. No more negative emotions.

And all I have to think about is simply putting one foot in front of the other. That’s it.

Moving Meditation

Running is what I like to call ‘Moving Meditation’. By focusing your awareness on the present moment, it creates a period of enhanced mental clarity.

The rhythmic tap as your feet strike the road. The sweat beading down your forehead. The sun peaking over the next ridge. That feeling of weightlessness as you float along the trail effortlessly.

Running allows you to concentrate on something much more simple. Something easy to understand. Something that requires little mental fortitude to complete.

Putting on foot in front of the other.

When you’re running, nothing else matters.

There’s a level of clarity that comes with running too. When you’re moving, you’re blood’s flowing and the body & mind are firing on all cylinders.

Thoughts become clearer. Problems are easier to solve. And life seems simpler. Things just seem to make sense. And all it takes is a couple of minutes of running.

So next time you’re feeling blue, struggling with a problem at work, or have a tough decision to make, go for a run. It’ll help you work it out, I promise. At the very least, the momentary reprieve from the weight of life’s problems will be well worth it.

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